Political Science

Jazmine Farias
Political Science #70096
August 20, 2012
Thinking about Politics
      While I was growing up politics didn’t really matter to me or it really didn’t concern me. To me it just seemed like a topic only grown up or adults had to worry about it. It didn’t really hit me till I entered High School in 2008 and students will be walking around campus with a “VOTE OBAMA” shirt and I remember thinking to myself who is this Obama guy and why should I vote for him, and from there politics became a topic I wanted to learn about, and i was very interested into knowing more and more about politcs and the history but really didn’t get into it untill later. Through out my high school years I would consider myself as a democrat because my family was, but I didn’t really know what that meant till I reached my senior year in high school and we learned about it in my Government class. That’s when I realized I believe in the total opposite except in some occasion. If it wasn’t for the family, schooling/education, and religion politics wouldn’t be a big issue to me.
Recently I went on people-press.org and to see where I stood in the political spectrum and to find out what witch one of the 9 typologies I fit into best. According to the quiz I took on people-press.org it said I was a Main Street Republican, witch to me is pretty accurate except on certain issues such as immigration. Some of the things that makes me a Main Street Republican is that im strongly opposed to abortion and same sex marriage. Also that I am completely confident that hard works pay off and that I am supportive of the governments effort to protect the environment (www.pewresearch/typology/test). What I didn’t agree on and what didn’t make me a happy camper was people-press.org said I was generally negative about immigration and I am mostly opposed about social welfare program, witch im not there always that one something that makes me go from that one side to the other in the political spectrum...