Elements of Religion Tradition

Elements of Religious Traditions
Reginald T. Vandiver Jr.
August 9, 2011
Julia Reeves

Elements of Religious Traditions

In the world today there are numerous types of religion.   Having as brief understanding of one’s religion can help you to better understand the person you are dealing with.   Understanding the differences in religion is as equally important. Each religion worships a divine being.   Some religions believe in one God as to other religions believe in numerous Gods.   Also each religion has sacred place where they go to worship. Each religion has certain sacred times throughout the year which they recognize.
Typically in the western countries the most accepted form with the divine has one possible form, and example of this would be Christianity. Christians believe and worship one god. In India a relationship with the divine source is recognized as taken many forms. Hinduism worships one god of ultimate oneness. Hindus believe that their current life is based on the actions from their previous life. The goal of Hindus is to become free from continues reincarnation.   There is several ways to end the repetition of reincarnation. One is be lovely dedicated to the gods and goddesses of Hindu. Another way is to grow in the knowledge of meditation. The final way is to be participate in numerous religious ceremonies and rites. Christians believe in one loving god.
        “Sacred time is a "time out of time," when the community's sense of the sacred interrupts ordinary experiences of time” (Patheos, 2010). For example Islam’s mark there sacred time on annual calendar. They have a calendar similar to want we use in the United States. There are twelve months which have the similar number of days in each month as ours.   The weeks are divided into seven days much like Judaism and Christianity. The days last from sunset to sunset just like Christianity. The sacred time is marked on a calendar. Ramadan is a sacred time in the Muslim religion. The...