The Catholic Religion

Catholic Religion

By Beckie Martin

Hum\130 Religions of the World

February 20, 2011

Mike Monroig Instructor

      The Catholic Religion is a very unique religion, rich in traditions and has the largest followers in the world. “The American Religious Identification Survey, in 2001, counted that there was almost 51 million Catholics in the United States” (Grossman, 2007). It is also one of the oldest Religions of the Christians beliefs.   It also has been under much scrutiny, but has been able to rebound and stay as strong as ever. In order to understand this religion it was very important to meet with a Priest.
      The Roman Catholic Church can be traced back to the apostle Peter. St Peter was considered the first Pope and all others have after him are successors. The Pope did not exist at first, “This Christian religion was not until several centuries after Christ that the church began to develop into the "Roman Catholic Church" as we think of it today, with its particular doctrines, practices, and hierarchical system of authority” (History of the Catholic Church, 2007).   The   Roman Catholic beliefs do not differ much from other Christian religious beliefs, the doctrine of Trinity, the divinity of Christ, and the inspiration of the Bible. However, no other relgions has the doctinal points that are as clear and as organized as the Roman Catholic’s (History of the Catholic Church, 2007).   Just to name a few, of the distinctive Roman Catholic beliefs, the authority of the Pope, the ability of saints and the concept of the Purgatory as a place of afterlife before going to heaven. Another is the doctrine of transubstantiation, which is the bread that is eaten after being blessed by a priest as a symbol of the body of Christ.   The Catholic religion is considered a religion of monotheistic beliefs, and is very similar to many other Christian religions who believe in one God.   Catholics believe in God and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Also the...