Related Texts

Today I have chosen a film as my related text as it has the ability to express individual personal change through dialogue, through direction, through scene setting and through the physical characteristics of the individual actors.

Related text is an alternative means of expressing an idea of a concept or story.

Film is a rich text that allows the combination of character portrayal, lighting, music and sound effects to set the scene desired by the director. Even the choice of the actual medium that the film is shot on, either film or videotape, can give it a certain look; warm or cold; surreal or realistic.

To find related text, it helps to identify and examine all the film elements in isolation. In the case of my related text example, the feature film “The Brave One” starring Jodie Foster is the story of a young woman whose life dramatically changes after her finance is brutally bashed, and dies; a type of reverse metamorphosis takes place. Instead of transforming into a beautiful butterfly, her life reverts into a primal state. Even though she is a survivor, her life is changes forever, although not necessarily in a positive way.

To analyse the related text, I broke the film down into its individual production components; characters; look at the character, how they are dressed, their language and the angle they are shot from. For example, in this text, the director Neil Jordan puts a soft joyful persona upon Erica Bane in which she lives in a fear free life with no perceived threat ever coming her way, up until the terrible moment in which all fear steps into place. Next, I looked at music.

Is the music threatening and hinting that something is about to happen? In the beginning, the music composed has a light feel giving a joyful sense to the audience. During and after the brutal bashing in which her fiancé is murdered, director Neil Jordan imposes a transition into an ominous and discordant musictrack that makes us feel the full impact of that...