Analyse the Ways Conflicting Perspectives Generate Diverse and Provocative Insights. in Your Response, Make Detailed Reference to Your Prescribed Text and at Least One Other Related Text of Your Own Choosing.

Analyse the ways conflicting perspectives generate diverse and provocative insights. In your response, make detailed reference to your prescribed text and at least one other related text of your own choosing.

There is power in the hands of the composer to manipulate their own perspectives through the presentations of the characters they create. This act of exploitation can be done by the use of literary, cinematic as well as the use of visual devices to mold the audience’s insight into the current situation. By shaping their view, the spectators come to question, plead and also rebel in a sense that their opinions have been altered to better suit and/or become the composers. This is evident in the play written by William Shakespeare ‘Julius Caesar’, the documentary entitled ‘Gaddafi- Our Best Enemy’ directed by ** and the caricature **.

Shakespeare’s first performance of ‘Julius Caesar’ was around1599 in the newly built Globe Theatre. These performances occurred two to three times a day in day light by men and young boys who played the women characters. This detail gave perspective into the context of the time and how women within that society were presented and valued. The Globe Theatre incased the audience in a variety of different sections, in which established a classification of social statuses. When Queen Elizabeth viewed the play it caused a lot of controversy as it seen beneath her as it was not a high grade play. Many of Shakespeare’s productions were observed by intoxicated, disorderly, loud group of men. Thus emphasizing how it was extremely inappropriate for the Queen herself to be watching. Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ simulates discussion of Politics as well as whether ambition is a positive of negative. This commentary by the composer is all a plan of action, which presents various apposing perspectives thus producing a clash of principles in order to create a representation of Shakespeare’s own views. These contradicting outlooks are created...