As You Like It and Related Texts

I cannot give you a definition for belonging or alienation. In my eyes, you cannot find the definition for a general population and you cannot tell someone else the definition. To belong is something that is personal and is hard to find, but when u have finally found that definition and that place in which you belong. You know it! As for me? Belonging is when u feel that you’re in the right place at the right time. That life couldn’t get better from what it is at this very moment. Belonging is when you can jump around, make a fool of yourself and still feel accepted and not judged. While most people crave the feeling of belonging, almost to the extent as if it is an essential. There is also the other side of the fence where people don’t want that feeling and are happy to be alone. They alienate themselves as they are frightened of society its self or simply don’t want that intimate human connection that others do. These aspects of belonging are represented in the play ‘As you like it” written by William Shakespeare. ‘My Sisters Keeper’ written by Jodi Picoult and ‘Go Ask Alice’ by anonymous.
Act 2 in ‘As you like it’ is in the setting in the Forest of Arden. This is juxtaposed with the courtly setting, where belonging is challenged. This is shown by the use of alliteration from Duke Seniors dialogue. ‘Painted pomp’ and ‘envious court’. This helps to characterize the court as a place of falseness and danger. Emphasizing the fact that the court is somewhere that the characters do not wish to belong and would rather be alienated from. This depicts my   personal definition of belong   as it shows that some people want to alienate themselves whether it be from society in general or just from a certain place (example, the court). The Forest of Arden therefore restores the character’s true values and true personal views on belonging.  
‘We Still Sleep together…we have learned, played, and eaten together’ this is a quote from Celia’s dialogue directed at Rosalind. It...