Perceptions on Belonging or Not Belonging - Prescribed Text the Crucible and Related Text the Drifters

Explore how perceptions of belonging or not belonging can be influenced by connections to a place(s). In your response, refer to your prescribed text and at least one related text of your own choice.
Both The Crucible by Arthur miller and Drifters by Bruce Dawe are influenced by connections to a place with belonging and not belonging. A sense of belonging emerges from the connections made with people, places, groups or communities.
Firstly, The Crucible is about belonging to a community. There are many characters who do and don’t belonging in the community of Salem.   Belonging to a group empowers individuals. The girls of Salem acquire and abuse power because of their numbers. Abigail Williams is the leader of the circle of girls, although she does not belong to the Salem community because she is an orphan and finds she belongs and has power within the group of girls that follow her.
Abigail doesn’t have a job as Elizabeth Proctor sacked her for the affair with John Proctor. The girls and Abigail were also found dancing in the woods as Abigail made Tituba, a slave, conjure spirits to put a spell on Elizabeth. Individuals who don’t belong to mainstream society of Salem are more vulnerable to be attacked than those who do. Tituba is attacked because she lives on the fringe of Salem society as she is not looked at as belonging and understanding the way of life of how the community lives.
The people who challenge the authority of the Salem community where they belong often suffer consequences. It is more important for an individual to belong to a group that possesses integrity than it is to belong to a shameful majority. John Proctor refuses to sign a proclamation of guilt because he feels shame in condemn those he truly respects and in turn he suffers the ultimate consequence of death for mounting a protest against the authority of Salem.
When John Proctor stands before the Salem court accused of witchcraft he is presented with a choice-either he can support the...