Reflective Journal

The main points I have learnt from this session / assessment are:

We started today’s session by recapping on the main points that were covered last week, which were Roles, Responsibilities, Boundaries and Concerns plus the Teaching Cycle.

This was followed by us looking at the Legislative requirements when teaching and the implications.

 We talked about Every Child Matters (ECM) and the Child Protection Act and the importance of putting the child’s welfare first and how to raise the alarm if there are suspicions of abuse.   EMC also helps vulnerable children, including those who have learning difficulties or disabilities and how to assist their learning.

 Copyright – it is acceptable to borrow information from another source, but always ensure that you state your source.   You can use up to 5% of someone’s work without breaking copyright laws.   A good copyright-free website was recommended

 Data Protection Act 1998 – this sets out the legal requirements when storing personal information about your students.   For example, if storing information on a computer, you must register yourself on the Data Protection Register.   Also, any information must be locked away or if stored electronically, then password protected.

 Equal Opportunities – everyone must be treated fairly and be treated with equal respect, regardless of their colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national original, sex or marital status.

 Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 – this ensures that employees and employers are protected, working in a safe environment and all relevant regulations are adhered to.

We then looked Inclusive Practice, which ensures that as Teachers, we are managing diversity, including everyone and overcoming barriers.   It is important to get to know who your learners are and make the learning inclusive for everyone.   We talked about how we respond to certain students and ensuring that we apply unconditional positive regard to all....