Reflective Journal

When making any decision for a company there is many sides to look at. Who are the stake holders? Who are the decision makers? Who will be affected by the decision? Are the interests in the decision protected? There are so many questions. Finding a systematic way to break down business decisions and find the best possible outcome for everyone involved is a good way to start. In the Baird model it showed a decision making process based on a company’s code of ethics, virtues, values, morals and also job requirements.
      In the simulation my role within the company as Quality Control Manager there were basic competencies that needed to be met. Some of which were managerial, career ambitions, providing accurate safety information, embody company values and also my own self knowledge and ethics. In the first simulation I needed to make responsible choices. My best possible answer was in this unfortunate event was to publish the information of the contaminated products on the companies website. The logic to this was that G Bio Sports would be making the most profitable income while minimizing waste. It would also give the consumer the liberty to know about the contamination. In the code of ethics at G Bio Sports it is to be honest and fair. In the second simulation my position was a realist and the best possible their answer was to honor the other countries rights and abide by their safety standards and to only sell the product where permitted. Part of my job competencies was fairness to the consumer and also embody the companies code of ethics. This answer to me was most fitting from where I stood within the company.
Virtues and values are a part of the company’s morals. The virtues and values were very cut and clear. Very much like the ones in my own company. Human dignity and respect was a value. In my job everyday I must follow this value very strict. Working in the airline business as a flight attendant if this wasn’t one of our values there would be physical...