Reflective Journal

After attending the Mindfulness course from 22th January 2014, I had new and different feelings compared with the feelings about mindfulness before I attend the course. During those practices, I got some reflections from them.

Mindful eating is the practice that help me to discover my habits and notice about the food I eat. When I had the first mouth of one meal, I ate more slowly and I could feel fuller. I started to chew it slowly which is different from my previous eating habit that eat food quickly and take other one at once. However, I can still feel hungry when I doesn’t practice mindful eating. I think the reason behind is that I just chew so fast and then swallow them quickly. I started to know that I consider what I am doing when I am eating but not just rush to put the food into my mouth and eat all the food on the plate.

Knowing what I am eating and doing can help me to eat in a proper size of food and prevent I feel too full. Although I didn’t weight my body weight, I believe it can prevent overeating and thus may help weight loss. Since it can let me know and notice how much, how quickly I usually eat and whether I am full or not. From an unpublished study, it discovered that people that in mindful eating course lost weight an average of around 10 pounds over a year which more than those used weight loss drugs. Moreover, there was a greater reductions in cardiovascular risk factors in people that have mindful eating. (Hobson, 2009)

Besides, it let me enjoy the food I eat. As I love listening to the sounds when I am chewing and biting the food, for instance, having a yoghurt. I could feel the smooth texture from the yoghurt and the sweet taste. I focused and enjoyed the tastes of the food when I am chewing. During the practice, finishing the whole plate of food is not the aim and thus I could notice the textures of the food and enjoy the food Moreover, Referring to a research about the positive impacts of mindful eating, it stated that having a...