Reflective Journal

I was helping out one of nurses with obtaining blood sugar levels for her other patients when I came in contact with a patient who stated that the CNA was not very nice to her. As I took her blood sugar I noticed that she was on a bedpan, but the head of the bed was almost completely flat. I asked the patient if she would like for me to raise the head of the bed, and she told me yes please and that the CNA did not ask her. She began telling me that she felt the CNA didn't like her, and I asked her what made her feel that way. She told me the CNA “gave her attitude” when she asked for something. I tried to explain to the patient that the CNA was probably busy with her other patients and I’m sure that wasn't the case. I also told her I would try to check on her throughout the day to see if she needed. The patient was grateful and expressed that she wished others were as sympathetic as I was to her.

As I was finishing taking her blood sugar, the CNA came in the room and the patient had asked her if she knew where the tissues she had went. The CNA didn't say anything to the patient and after a while she returned with a new box of tissues, still not addressing the patient. She did not ask her if she needed anything else or if she was done using the bedpan, which possibly could have been because I was there.   When the CNA left, the patient said, you see she doesn't care about me.   I acknowledged her feelings and instead of trying to defend the CNA I simply told the patient I understand how you may feel that way but if there’s anything you need feel free to call the nurses station and ask for me and I will come help you.

I remember during this incidence I had a mixture of feelings. I felt angry that the CNA was kind of mean to the patient. I also felt sad for the patient because I felt she just wanted to feel like she mattered. When speaking to the patient, I was able to find out she lived alone and the reason for her hospitalization was she had fell in bathtub and...