Reflective Account

Reflective Account by Melandlill

I will refer to my servicer as D, to protect his identity.

I noticed that the cafe owner that we were sitting in was repeatedly staring at us while me and
D was having breakfast. When we had finished eating i quietly asked to speak to the owner. I asked what was wrong, the owner replied that he did not want D coming in the cafe as he had previouly been banned as D had been incontinent of feases over the floor when D used to go in there alone.

I explained to the manager that D no longer goes out alone as his needs have changed, and that he would always be accompanied by a carer. With this the owners attitude completely changed and said in that case D would be most welcome on these conditions.

D is prompted to go to the toilet before going out. D also takes a holdall with him containing a change of clothes spare pads and gloves when going out. D also went to the Doctors who refered him to see an incontinece nurse, resulting D being allocated pads which he now wears when going out.

When going in the cafe now we are greeted with a friendly smile and are made to feel most welcome, which makes D feel happy comfortable and welcome.

I as the Advocate imformed D that he has a choice that if he wishes to go out he must be accompanied by someone i.e friend family or carer as his needs are now greater and its unsafe as his road sense is starting to go.

I have given D the information to make a correct informed choice.

Given all the circumstances a risk assessment is in place, given D decision to go out alone.