Reflective Account


|Student Name:                                                     |Phase: 1 2 3 (Please Circle the appropriate no)                   |
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Stage one: Description of the event –
(Describe in detail the event you are reflecting on. Include for example where you were; who else was there ; why were you there ; what were you doing ; what were other people doing ; what was the context of the event; what happened; what was your part in this; what part/s did other people play; what was the result?)

Stage two: Feelings – (At this stage try to recall and explore the things that were going on inside your head, i.e. why does this event stick in your mind? Include e.g. how you were feeling when the event started; what you were thinking about at the time; how did it make you feel; how did other people make you feel; how did you feel about the outcome of the event; what do you think about it now?)

Stage three: Evaluation –
(Try to evaluate or make a judgment about what has happened. Consider what was good about the experience and what was bad about the experience or didn’t go so well.)

Stage four: Analysis –
(Break the event down into its component parts, so they can be explored separately; what went well; what did you do well; what did others do well; what went wrong or did not turn out as it should have done; in what way did you or others contribute to this.)

Stage five: Conclusion –
(You now have a lot of information on which to base your judgment. It is here that you are likely to develop insight into your own and other people’s behaviour in...