Give a Reflective Account of Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher Within the Context of Legislative and Lifelong Learning.

Give a reflective account of your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher within the context of legislative and lifelong learning.

          The teaching profession is noted mostly to involve full teaching roles rather than the associated teaching roles involved in the profession. It is worth noting that there are several teacher related roles that the teacher undertakes in his day to day activities. As a teacher in the Lifelong Learning sector, my basic activity will involve carrying out roles that relates to teaching cycle. These roles involve the initial assessment of the learners in order to prepare and plan an effective lesson tailored to the needs of the learners. It also includes the delivery of lessons and the assessment of individual learners. Finally, my initial role will include the evaluation of the lesson to check the achievement of lesson objectives.
          Apart from the above teacher roles, there are several teacher related roles I will undertake in teaching in the Lifelong Learning sector. One of these teacher related roles is the management of learning resources and maintenance of the learning environment for effective learning to take place.
            My role will also involve interviewing prospective students whilst providing information and guidance to students I will also be keeping records of students’ attendance and provide personal tuition to those who need extra help with their studies.
          Aside my roles as a teacher in the Lifelong Learning sector, I also have to undertake responsibilities that come with it. One of my responsibilities as a teacher in the Lifelong Learning sector is to apply and promote the codes and principles of practice. It is my responsibility to demonstrate that the needs of individual learners have been taken into consideration within the context of personalised learning.
          I will also be responsible for promoting equal opportunity among learners and engage with diversity as...