Reflective Account

During my time managing, I have worked with all office staff to ensure that legislative and regulatory frameworks are adhered to, firstly I arranged a senior team meeting to look at meeting current standards with the care we are facilitating, this was in relation to person centred approaches. I read up on the Care Act 2014 which is new/adapted into the care system as I wanted to compare standards, with what is written to and how we are putting them into practice. I made notes in my preparation for the team.

The Care Act 2014 is looking at very individual led programmes, promoting a person centred care, along with Valuing people now. Following this research; I had found that there is a lot of emphasis put on local authorities to promote choices and services and this is where we as a company can help by delivering this information to families and other professionals.   I wanted to focus on how these standards apply to the care we are planning and giving and work with the team to gather feedback and professional views on how we as a team can increase the quality of care we provide.

During the meeting I discussed how we are complying to the guidelines above, I discussed our types of clients which included those with dementia and Learning disabilities, and what approach we were taking as a company. I firstly looked at the system of planning the care and gathering information. I looked at our system for assessing needs and evaluated it against legal requirements, we were meeting standard but did want to improve further and this is where I looked at methods such as person centred planning, thinking and reviewing which could help the team provide a more positive outcome for those in our care, this included gathering life history information, using a more focused look at communication and the methods that are used and how they are documented in the plans. I also wanted to document behaviour as part of communication and how we can interpret this (I realised that this...