Reflection of the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teach

Reflection of the role and responsibilities of the teacher

“Responsibility is literally what it says – our ability to respond”
(Visser, 2011) thorough

In this assignment the author will demonstrate the role and responsibilities of a teacher.   The researcher will give a detailed report of what they consider are the most important necessities of a teacher and what the teacher is responsible for when taking on this vital role in education.   To prepare for this essay research will be conducted by means of the internet, books, journals and articles to find the thoughts and ideas of others.   The author will also express a personal thought as to what they believe the role and responsibilities of a teacher are.

The first role of a teacher is that of a facilitator. He should impart all the knowledge and skills related to a particular field...... He must provide his students with guidance, support, and inspiration so that they can find the right path, be it in career or in life. (Dhavale, 2010)
It is in the opinion of the author, that most teachers are born to teach and their passion and enthusiasm show when they deliver a lesson.   Their passion is passed onto the student; therefore the student also inherits a passion for the taught subject.

Knowledge of subject matter is an essential part of the role of a teacher. To teach all students according to today’s standards, teachers need to understand subject matter deeply and flexibly so they can help students create useful cognitive maps, relate one idea to another, and address misconceptions. Teachers need to see how ideas connect across fields and to everyday life. This kind of understanding provides a foundation for pedagogical content knowledge that enables teachers to make ideas accessible to others (Shulman, 1987).

The role of a teacher goes beyond creating a learning environment for the students.   Respecting the personal values of the student plays a large role as the must also listen to their...