Roles and Responsibilities

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|                       |Julie Elphick                                                                                               |
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|                       |Review your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching cycle.     |

This essay will review what my Roles Responsibilities and Boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching cycle.

Role, responsibility and boundaries are all developing qualities of a teacher, which are assessed and looked at using the teacher/training cycle. A cycle which consist of assessment, planning and on going review.

A teacher’s responsibility is to ensure that the client group they are teaching are catered for. The teacher being responsible for the monitoring, evaluating and changing the teaching as the learners needs change. this can only be done by continual monitoring and evaluation. As learners develop a better understanding of the aim and objectives their needs change. The teacher is responsible for encouraging progressive reflection in learners to allow their personnel growth and development. (Sarah Wayt Bsc MAR) 2008. This can be reflected within the teaching cycle as Formative Assessment (Dave Watts 2007) or facilitating learners.
The responsibilities of the teacher do not stop their, they will in the planning stage of the teaching cycle be responsibility for identify the material required the environment most suitable, how they will...