Recruitment Strategy - Star Industries

Maintenance Supervisor

Star Industries is implementing the following recruitment strategy for the hiring of a Maintenance Supervisor for the vacant position in our NSW branch. This position has been made vacant following the departure of John Thompson from the position.

The position is currently being filled by the Plant Manager, Grant Denver, until a suitable person is employed into the role. As Grant overseas the entire operations within the NSW Branch, it is essential that the position is filled quickly as to ensure the smooth operation of the NSW branch.

Star Industries is a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of quality windows and doors for residential and commercial premises. With the company's expansion, strong growth and a focus on high quality design and manufacture it is essential that the "best available" and "highest quality" candidates are considered and employed.

This therefore means that a number of considerations need to be made concerning where to recruit from, externally or internally, and the adequate training to be provided to ensure the company continues its high level of quality and workmanship.
This strategy will outline;

  * Job Description
  * Advertising the position
  * Selection Process
  * Induction and Training
  * Remuneration Package
  * Budget
  * And Possible Strategies including specialist staff required and the documentation of the process.

Job Description

The HR department has devised a job description with consultation from Grant Denver (Plant Manager NSW) as to the particular responsibilities and requirements that a candidate must possess to be able to fill the role successfully.


  * Supervision, planning and implementation of all maintenance activity in order to optimize production
  * Supervision of maintenance staff and plan scheduling and routines
  * Ensure security of production and that they fall in line with...