Hr Recruitment Proposal


Recruitment Proposal for Expansion into South Australia

Prepared by: Louise O’Brien

HR Manager


Recruitment Proposal for Expansion into South Australia 1

Background 2

Methodology 2

  Recruit internally or externally 2

  Sales Manager 2

  Sales Representatives and Administration Assistants 2

  Selection process 3

  SA Sales Manager 3

  Sales Representatives 3

  Administrative Assistants 3

  Induction plan 3

  SA Sales Manager 3

  Sales Representatives 4

  Administration Assistants 4

Budgeted costs 4

Timeline 6


National building statistics indicate that the recent property and building boom in South Australia will continue. The national Bureau of Statistics also indicates support for this trend in the significant proportion of the population migrating to Adelaide from other Australian major cities seeking a lifestyle change.

Given the growth and potential in South Australia, STAR Industries has decided to increase its presence in the Australian market opening an Adelaide office. The office will purely serve a sales and marketing function. All manufacturing and assembly will continue to take place in NSW and WA. The roles which have been defined to support this new venture include:

    • SA Sales Manager

    • 2 sales reps

    • 2 part-time administrative assistants.

The purpose of this proposal is to outline and gain approval for the selection and recruitment strategies for the aforementioned roles.


Recruit internally or externally

While internal recruitment is a worthwhile HR strategy, as candidates already know the organisation, you know their strengths and stand to gain a greater return on the training and development in which you have already invested, this is not an appropriate strategy given STAR Industries’ current situation. We are not presently of a size where we have relevantly experienced personnel to take on these roles....