The lesson will involve 10 students currently undertaking a PGCE, with different specialist backgrounds. The learners completed a questionnaire assessing prior knowledge, preferred learning style, how they work best and any barriers to learning or special needs. According to the questionnaire, the majority of the learners rated their understanding of nutrition as “poor” and stated that they had not studied nutrition previously. Therefore, the lesson covers the basics of nutrition and provides an introduction to the key areas. None of the learners were aware of the government recommendations for a balanced diet and so the basic government recommendations will be covered. Due to interest shown, the lesson will incorporate the balance of energy intake and expenditure as well as providing examples.
In terms of learning styles the majority of learners selected auditory as their preferred method of learning, and stated that they worked best as part of a team. Auditory needs will be covered through the use of verbal explanations as well as any visual requirements through the use of PowerPoint slides. Much of the work will be conducted in small groups. None of the learners noted that they experienced any barriers to learning or required any special needs.

The lesson will focus on the basics of nutrition due to the lack of prior knowledge identified in the needs analysis questionnaire. The sequence allows the learners to present their prior knowledge, before then highlighting the recommended balance of food.   Following this broad introduction, the macronutrients are explained. Once they have an awareness of macronutrients the relationship between macronutrients and energy will be explored. Having build a broad foundation of knowledge the lesson focuses in more depth in certain areas, enabling the learners to complete and analyse a food diary, which will lead onto the next lesson which focuses on different methods of recording diet