Formative Assignmentt - Rationale

Module Title – NS603 Research for Nursing

Formative Assignment

Date of submission – 5th of November 2013

Module Tutor – David Rawcliffe

Word Count - 698

Formative Assignment – Rationale

In order to complete this rationale, I will be talking about my research topic and will demonstrate why I have chosen it to complete my assignment.
Working in hospitals or in any health care sectors are challenging for health care professionals especially for the nurses and health care workers. This is because, even though the primary aim of all nurses is to treat acute ill health patients, there are many dying patients in the health care sectors which are also faced by the health care professionals. It is the right of every individual to die in dignity and comfort. During my placement in hospital, I have seen and given end of life care support to the patients with the help of my mentors. That is when I came to know about the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) and why it is used. According to the NHS Choices (2012), LCP is to allow patients with terminal illness to die with dignity. This helps the patients and gives support to their family during the end of life care of the patient. As per as cancer research UK, (2012), the aspects of LCP includes, keeping the patient comfortable, support for the family and relatives, physiological and spiritual support, when a medication or treatment should be discontinued or the aspects of care, and when a medication should be prescribed.   Nursing in practice profession and research plays a crucial role in developing and refining knowledge essential to improve clinical practice (Horburgh, 2003). Nurses working in hospital wards will be less experienced in looking after patient with Liverpool Care Pathway and giving support during the end of life. Proper guidelines and training is important for the health care professionals to follow the best evidence based practice. The vital goal of nursing research is the generation of an observed...