Hsc Dance Rationale

Tiara Vella 2158 7117
The concept/intent of my Core Composition is the power of voodoo.

My stimulous is ideational. My idea stemmed from research on the various types of voodoo.There are two main types of voodoo Haitian Vodou- a religion originating from the carribean country of haiti. It is based upon a merging of beliefs and practices of west african people, And Louisiana Voodoo- A.k.a New Orleans Voodoo, decribes a set of underground voodoo practices which originated from the traditions of the african dispora. Louisiana voodoo uses practicses such as the gris gris (voodoo dolls) and other items which are used more to protect ones self and harm others.

I have two different sections in my work, each section represents a different type of voodoo. The first section communicates the Haitian Vodou- which is spiritual and religious. The second section portrays Lousiana Voodoo- which is based around the voodoo doll. I began to create movement by creating motifs inspired by the concept. My dance consists of 4 motifs. My first motif- hands helf infront of the body lifted to eye level and palms facing up, shows the superiour power of the voodoo. My second motif- pulling and pushing of the face represents the unwilling and inferior nature of the dancer. My third motif- the isolation and release of the chest taking arms forward from the chest to shoulder level in front of the body, this demonstrates the pulling of the voodoo.

My fourth motif is only used in the second section of the dance. The dancer pokes herself in the chest and sharply contracts, this communicates the pin going into the gris gris doll. The accompaniment to my dance has a tribal theme which matches well with my concept. I manipulated motifs into phrases, to generate smooth transistions and allow the composition to develop logically. The manipulation of the motif fro all of the phrases allowed the composition to be unified, while the manipulation of space,...