Rangeland or Forest

| Rangeland or Forest Location | Brief History of Rangeland or Forest | What are current land management problems? | What are the current federal land management strategies that address these problems? | What is one sustainable effort that should be implemented? |
American Rangeland or Forest:   Shawnee National Forest | Ozark and Shawnee Hills of Southern Illinois | The History of the Shawnee National Forest Started before the United States was a country with the Shawnee and Illinois Indian Nations.   From that time until the great depression all land now in the National forest was Privatively owned, then the land was Designated as the Illini and Shawnee Purchase Units, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared these purchase units to be the Shawnee National Forest. | Phragmites Eradication | Nothing, it is on hold at current time. | Glyphosate-based herbicides are the most effective control method for established populations. A population can be controlled soon after it has established chances of success are much higher because the below-ground rhizome network will not be as extensive. |

Rangeland or Forest Assignment

Action Items (in order) | Action Steps | Timeline |
Research and identify the effects of Phragmites and the effects it has on surrounding plants. | Review environmental website and ecological websites regarding Phragmites.Documenting causes and effects of overgrowth of Phragmites and the effects of surrounding plants.Speak with ecologists about the plant. | 1 – 3 months |
Develop and education plan regarding the control of the evasive plant. | Develop a presentation about the cause of overgrowth and what it is doing to the surrounding plants in the marsh areas. | 4-5 months |
Schedule a presentation date and time. | Attend local DNR meeting to introduce presentation.Request meeting with local and state DNR to discuss adding presentation to next meeting.Obtain layout of room and equipment needed for presentation. | 5-6 months |