Forest Gump

Forest Gump “Run Forest, Run”!
By Ryan Mulawka
Eng. 225
Dr. Dwight Paulson
September 25, 2011

This paper is about a boy that would just not quit and that would be the movie Forest Gump and I will explain the very well established scene which many people know of till this day and I will show the insight of one of the most popular scenes from this highly acclaimed film, which is none other than the legendary Forrest Gump. This film is one that is joked about and will go down in history as one of the most memorable films of all time. This particular special scene that made the movie so powerful was named, “Run, Forrest, Run!” and many people have heard this quote, if not at a football game then maybe as a joke when someone is running from something like a bee. Sorry, this was a past experience of mine. This particular scene had a plot consisting of the two main characters Forrest & Jenny just meeting and soon after becoming friends that would hold a bond throughout life. At this time forest had just began schooling and had a pair of braces supporting his legs so he could walk. This was something that held him back from his true potential. At the end of this powerful scene he and jenny were being chased by some boys, which led to the backstory into his later life. When forest was being chased by these boys, this was when he gained the courage to do the impossible, he ran with the braces on, kind of wobbling, intill Forest ran so fast his braces came unattached and fell to the ground. This was when Jenny said the most famous quote of movie history, “Run Forest, Run”.   Those words gave Forest the power to overcome all odds and do the one thing that he couldn’t do, which was run. Jenny gave him the strength. Every single element of the scene laid the foundation perfectly for the rest of the plot that came to follow.
The setting was back in the younger days of Forest’s life, which was in the early 1950’s, the setting sets the foundation for this boy’s overall...