Day in the Forest

There are lush green trees and bushes everywhere around you while you walk down the dirt path with tree roots sticking out of the ground. On the horizon all you can see is the other mountains you drove up to this secluded spot. The smell of fresh air and pine trees comes from everywhere around you, and the sound of distant waterfalls crashing onto rocks. Orange mountain berries are randomly growing in bushes around you. The birds' chirping breaks the other wise silent adventure through the forest on a single dirt path
Down a steep path onto rocky land,   you see a river flowing and the sound of the waterfall is getting louder. The riverbed is all rocks, mostly smooth on top since the water has withered it down slowly, year by year. The forest is all behind you now as you continue your adventure into the river. The first step into the cold water sends chills up your back.
Walking closer to the sound of the waterfall as it gets louder and more powerful. The rocks that aren't in the river now are covered in algae. The air is getting colder due to all of the mist coming up. Finally the waterfall is in sight. All you can hear is the sound of the water falling onto the rocks and the air going past your body. Walking closer you see a empty space behind that waterfall, and opportunity to some how get closer.
Behind the waterfall now, all you can see is the sun refracting into the water that is falling. All the rocks are covers in a layer of moss due to the fine mist that is everywhere around you. Being careful, you adventure deeper into the cave like structure. The top is cover in jagged rocks, but none will fall. All you can hear now is the thunderous roar of the water crashing onto the rocks beneath it.