Global Warming

Global Warming
        Gislela Woods
      PHI 103:   Informal Logic
      January 16, 2012
        Instructor Donald Ceplenski

      Global Warming
        Today we as people live in a world filled with so much technology that provided luxuries previously unknown to man. Unfortunately in the name of progress, we have created environmental problems. However, the debate about global warming has grown ever more intense in recent years and become as much political as it is scientific. Although, many scientists have concluded that the average temperature of the Earth has risen over the past hundred and fifty years, and that this rise is due to human influences. There's no doubt that Earth is warming-- the scientific evidence shows that the planet's temperature has been rising for the past century and a half. But there's disagreement about the extent to which humans are responsible for the change (Hollander, 2003).
    However, global warming is one of the most serious challenges that we are facing in today’s society. In an effort to protect our health and the planet’s earth economic well-being of both, as well as the current and future generations. Therefore, a scientific study has shown that global warming is caused largely by many human activities that increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which presents a serious environmental threat.
        The greenhouse effect causes the warming of the earth’s climate. This often happens because our atmosphere acts like the glass in a greenhouse. In a greenhouse, visible light can pass through the glass. Once inside the greenhouse, the shorter wavelengths are absorbed by the things in the greenhouse, so now the heat is energy with longer wavelengths the energy cannot pass through the glass. It is trapped (Drutman, A. D., & Zuckerman, S. K., 1991).

    How is the greenhouse effect happening? Recently man created another major source of carbon dioxide with the massive...