Racism: Past, Present, Future

Racism is one of the most critical issues facing the world today. All individuals must inspire human dignity and raise awareness that purposely decreasing those of a diverse background’s chance to succeed in life.   It takes everyone to change the quality of life. Racism can destroy those individuals who are affected from and those who are around when it’s being practiced. When put to a higher level that gets to people physically and mentally racism can ultimately destroy the world. One of the reasons why it has historically been so harmful is that when you’re playing with racism, you can also be looking towards genocide. One of its missions is to put those who are the victims in a place where they are not considered to be human, so they can be dealt with as if they were a lifeless doll. Racism plays itself out institutionally and is shown from the way we deal with all ethnicities throughout the United States. For instance, throughout history many different places reflected the different value or amount of worth placed on an individual’s life.
The primary focus that has been discussed all of our lives is to equalize all lives. Racism can ruins lives in ways that nothing else can. Victims learn to devalue their own life, therefore come to think that there are worthless and have no hope or chance to live a normal life. To those of a different race, it’s almost a curse and you have no choice but to hate your heritage. The “definition” of a black person isn’t decided biologically according to certain people but you are black if you have any known black ancestry. That is a way of promoting white purity and making being black something wrong that should be relegated, oppressed and enslaved. You have to be able to put yourself in someone else’s place to understand multiculturalism, once you understand the way of other cultures you’re more likely to understand yourself. No one is pure and free to do whatever they please, but we all can make a stand to prevent...