My Past and Future Memories

My Past and Future Memories    
Helen T. Phillips
English Composition l, EN101
Ms. Celestine Davis
August 20, 2011

It started the summer of 1958, on August 6 when a beautiful baby girl was born. She was a very happy and jolly baby without a care or worry in the world. Suddenly, one day she was taken away from her birth mother and placed in the arms of two others mothers; as the result, by the time she was 5 months old she was raised by the second mother as her own. As the years passed, this little girl grew up in a loving home with two loving parents that loved her.
There were many memories of her past one for instance, was the memories of her dad who was a dump truck driver and farmer. She could remember him taking her to work with him and riding on the trash truck as he picked up the trash. They had so much fun spending time together singing, which was one of their favorite things to do. He used to sit her on his knee and they would sing this little tune, “Baby Be My Queen of Heart, Just Give Me That Love You Got, Don’t You Say No, Just Say Yes, and Give Me Your Loving Kiddio.” He also loved to play games with her as so many dads love to do today with their children. But above all, he would sit down and talk to her about life and what to expect of it.   He had two dreams for his daughter¸ one to become a singer and the other was to be able to see her graduate. He later died before he was able to witness either one of them.
Her next, memory was when she became pregnant with her first child. You see she went from being this sweet innocent little girl to being a mother and wife between the ages of 15 and 16. However, by the time she was 28, she had already given birth to ten beautiful children. Now, although she had these children, she still found time to enjoy her life and family. There were times when she could remember her twins, oh yes twins when they were about five to six months old. She remember them playing under the coffee table which had many...