Values, Beleifs and Clinical Gestalt

My Values, Beliefs, and Clinical Gestalt

By Heather R. Goods

BSHS 322/ University Of Phoenix

Jean Holtz

The success of a human service professional comes from education, interpretation of one’s own personal values and determination of beliefs. A person must possess qualities of being genuine, honest, and able to uphold ethics through a strong understanding of how they can help others. Human service professionals have to be aware of their own beliefs and feelings. Talking to clients is important in this field. Having control of one’s own conversations through personal body language and tone will make the help that is being offered to others more effective.
I cannot let my own personal feelings or beliefs get into the way of what a focus is for any client. Through careful planning I will able to implement goals and help my client with personal interventions. One strong belief that I have is to be strongly aware of my own limits and to recognize ways that I am not going to be effective in situations that I may have personal thought about.
In the human service profession I will be valued to others in my community that needs my service or help. I am prepared to hold strong to my goals to help others that may have or are dealing with problems or situations that I can assist them with. I am a mother of two daughters, ages 16 and 10, until two years ago I was raising them solely. I lived with their abusive father for almost 14 years, even before I ever even had children. I found myself reaching out to others for help and not receiving the help I needed in return. I decided I would become a human service provider when I realized the help that I needed wasn’t anywhere to be found. I have seen a lot of things and situations in my life that are experiences that I probably should not have had to be faced with. I believe these situations have given me an insight on what others will and have already dealt with in their own lives. I found myself reaching out to...