Question 1: Explain the Five Broad Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning?

Question 1: Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning?

There are 5 main broad social and emotion aspects:

• Self-awareness
• Managing feelings
• Motivation
• Empathy
• Social skills

Self awareness allows the student to have an understanding of themselves and to understand different emotions with in themselves and being able to tell the difference between emotions, to then understand what they are thinking and feeling, physically and emotionally.   This then follows on to how they feel when they achieve something or don’t manage to reach targets; then that helps the student to know that it is normal to have these feelings, but not to encourage any negative behaviour.

Managing feelings can be difficult for some students, but with the right support from teaching staff as well as parents then this should have a balanced affect. By a student that can manage their feelings they are able to achieve goals and not feel overwhelmed by anything that is given to them. When a student manages feelings and emotions when they are feeling angry or sad, is able to think about how they should act and over come these feelings, to then seek support from staff or people around them or have other ways of dealing with these emotions, as long as it dose not affect or hurt any students or staff. Also by knowing what makes them happy and positive to then be able to recognise these feeling and then focus on the good emotion.

When a student is motivated, it enables students to take an active and enthusiastic out look on learning. It allows the teachers to set goals and challenges. This then has a positive affect on the whole class. Following this, it encourages the student to stay on task and enables the student to set themselves personal goals and then being able to work towards them, concentrate on learning and encouraging others to do the same. Keeping the student motivated shall benefit any student in the future as when learning gets difficult...