Assisgnment 1 Ta Level3

Expalin The 5 Broad Social And Emotional Aspects Of Learning
Question 1: Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning:
self-awareness: this enables to children understand themselves, how they learn best and when and how they communicate and relate to other children or adults, they can understand what they are feeling and why they are feeling these things and what they are thinking. When a child has self-awareness they know: when to see when they maybe cannot achieve something they thought they might be able to at first, realise that thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all linked in some way, they can take responsibility for their actions, how and at what times they can learn best and to realise that they can't behave in any way that they want to.
Motivation: if motivated a child enjoys learning and will actively take part in their learning, they will want to set themselves goals and work hard to achieve them, if they find something hard they will keep trying and not give up, the goals they set will be challenging, if they get
something wrong or make a mistake they will keep trying until they get it right, they will concentrate and not get distracted in whatever they are doing.
Managing feelings: children will use different ways that work for them to manage their feelings, they will learn how to think before doing something they shouldn't be doing, if they do get angry or upset they will be able to calm themselves down in their own way, but if they are struggling with it they can find someone who can help, they will know how change the way they express their feeling depending on the situation or what people are around them, and that if they are angry for example they will understand that that can make other people angry too, they will also get to know what makes them feel happy and how to keep themselves feeling that way.
Empathy: being able to empathise helps a child to understand how other people are feeling and to be able to understand...