Teaching Assistant Course Level 3 Assignment 2


Q1 Explain the five broad social and emotional aspects of learning. (5)

A1 The five broad social and emotional aspects of learning are: Self-awareness, Managing feelings, motivation,
Empathy and Social skills.

Self-awareness = Is when a child should have some basic understanding of themselves to know where they fit into their environment be it socially or academically, they should be able to take responsibility for there
Actions and learning and to know what they are thinking and feeling and that it’s ok to have feelings, but not alright to behave in anyway they choose, they would also know how to feel good about the things they achieve maybe receiving a   certificate for good work or good behaviour.

Managing Feelings = When a child can manage there feelings they can set achievable goals, and not be
Overwhelmed by a lot of work. A child that can manage their feelings can stop and think before acting and   be able to calm there selves down when feeling angry or sad or if there worried about something they can change the way they feel by knowing to seek support from other people, and know what makes them feel good inside and know how to enhance these feelings.

Motivation = A child that has motivation and is enthusiastic in learning can set themselves challenges
and goals and can persist when learning is difficult, they will develop independence, resourcefulness and
personal organisation to know how to overcome barriers to learning, such as frustration and boredom.
A motivated child will keep trying or know how to bounce back after disappointment or making a mistake
and being unsuccessful, but they would know how to focus and concentrate on learning to improve future performances.

Empathy = Is when a child can empathise with others and recognise feelings and know that all people
have feelings but show their feelings in different ways, but yet they can understand others points of...