Qualitative Research Article

Qualitative Research Article Critique
Evidence Based Nursing Research and Practice/NUR 443

Qualitative Research Article Critique:
Nurse Characteristics and Inferences About Children’s Pain
1. Purpose:
“The purpose of the study was to describe pediatric nurses’ projected responses to children’s pain as described in vignettes of hospitalized children and to explore nurses characteristics that might influence those responses” (Griffen, Polit, & Byrne, 2008, p. 298.)
2. Significance:
Previous studies have been reviewed and evaluated of the nurse’s use and non-use of pain assessment tools consistently in the pediatric population.   Reported nurse characteristics are inconsistent in pediatric pain management studies however, prior studies showed children’s pain and nursing characteristics did not influence treatment of pain. Similar results reported are nurse’s perceptions of pain levels for children do not correlate with the child’s report of pain, nurses’ under-prescribe pain treatment in children; and many non-pharmacologic measures are consistently underutilized.
This study focused on the nurses with a varied education level, characteristics, personal experience with pediatric pain, and the proposed methods of pain relief for the pediatric child. Within this study the researcher examines many variables behind nurse and the pain treatment of the hospitalized child.
3. Interpretations and Analysis:
As reported by Griffen, Polit, and Byrne (2008), “education, years of experience, personal pain experience, recent pain education, and whether respondents were currently practicing were not significantly associated with pain perceptions or with pain management choices” (p. 303.) However, clearly showed higher pain dosages were given by the higher education of a nurse, the Nurse Practitioner (NP); a Caucasian nurse practiced more non-pharmacologic pain management practices than other race or ethnicities.
A significant...