An Introduction to Qualitative Research

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Abstract - Page 2
Research Question & Objectives - Page 3
Background to Study - Page 4
Literature Review - Page 5-13
Methodology - Page 14-16
Findings - Page 17-19
Analysis - Page 20-21
Conclusion - Page 22
References - Page 23-24
Bibliography - Page 25-26
Appendix One - Page 27-39
Appendix Two - Page 40-41
Appendix Three - Page 42
Appendix Four - Page 43-45
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The researcher would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for their, help, support, guidance and honesty throughout this research project. Firstly I would like to say thank you to my module tutor, Yeolande Coulter, for her constant support and guidance throughout this module, through class hand outs, the reader pack and constant feedback on work I handed in.

I would also like to express great thank you to all the staff members, children and parent’s at my placement for participating in this research project and allowing me to observe children and interview staff. The help, assistance, honest opinions and views were a great support to me throughout my three weeks of placement, for this I am entirely grateful.

Finally I would like to thank my fellow students undertaking this research project, bouncing ideas off of people in the same situation gave me the confidence to carry on with the project knowing I was going in the right direction.

Research Question & Objectives

Considering the requirements of the Curriculum for Excellence to embed literacy within all areas, how does the nursery achieve this in the pre-school setting?

1. To what extent does the nursery embed literacy within all the areas of the pre-school setting
2. Discover what policies, guidelines and initiatives suggest to direct nurseries in the delivery of...