Qualitative and Quantitative Research Comprison

The paper written by Rabinowitz and Wesseen should be the most interesting paper I’ve studies till now in the course, at least make me think more than the others. Before studying this paper, I think I focus more on quantitative method and thought that I will not do qualitative research not so often. But now I even think qualitative research is more important than quantitative research from some point of view. But I think before I make the conclusion, I think I’d better to try these two methods to know what they really are. By the way, in the paper of Rabinnowitz and Weseen(one is trained in quantitative tradition, the other is in qualitative research), they use semi-structured interview method to interview with doctoral students who is searching their own research method.
After studying the paper, I think quantitative person actually use qualitative method to generate their hypothesis, but it is from “the qualitative method from their own life experience”, but not from others. So if they could get more perspect from the person he studied or from qualitative research of others. I think that will broaden their world view.
It also mentioned that most of the paradigms in the text book are about the quantitative method such as Solomon Asch, Stanley Milgram, and Leon Festinger. But actually they also use qualitative method, but just not showing in text book, the paper also addressed. So I am thinking : is it possible that solution of QQD is that use qualitative analysis first and we collect the possible moderator viriables from it, and then use quantitative method to analyze it? And the qualitative analysis is possible coming from your own life experience or others/own qualitative research. I think that’s the answer what I had by my own.
And the paper also mentioned about “Are qualitative methods scientific”, I think it depends on how you define “scientific”. And I’d like to arrange the order from qualitative to quantitative aspects for current most interesting...