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Business Research Methods, Part I
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Earlier this year consumers were blind-sided with news that brake failures in certain Toyota automobiles were occurring because of defects in the automobiles electrical systems. As a result, the Toyota customer base swiftly turned its loyalties elsewhere making it necessary for Toyota to quickly react.
Research Question
Developing the research question for Toyota includes identifying the management dilemma by looking at the problem symptoms, defining the management questions that outline what the organization must solve, and finally defining the research question that asks what alternative actions Toyota can choose to solve the dilemma.
Toyota’s management dilemma is in brand loyalty. Recent surveys completed by Consumer Reports and Kelley Blue Book and indicate Toyota brand loyalty has slipped from 70% to 50% – a 20% loss.
The Management Question: How can Toyota increase brand loyalty? The Research Question: Will quality control improvements lead to an increase in Toyota brand loyalty?
Toyota needs to reconsider new strategies that will provide better quality control.   Consumers expect quality and it is ceasing to be a point of differentiation. If Toyota develops a differentiation strategy, it needs to keep in mind that differentiation is a prerequisite in the marketing world. Differentiation calls for a company, e.g. Toyota, to sell non-standardized products to customers with unique needs while keeping quality as a given, not a differentiator.
Research Design
According to Cooper and Schindler (2006), the research design is the blueprint for
fulfilling objectives and answering questions and will be a guide for selecting sources and types of information to assist in decision making. (p 71).  
Will quality control improvements lead to an increase in Toyota brand loyalty?...