Qnt 561 Week 2

Business Research Methods, Part I

Business Research Methods, Part I
The development of a research question for Starbucks Coffee Company will raise a serious inquiry regarding the dislikes and likes of its current beverage and food choices. In addition to the conceivable options of dinner and lunch, several results arose for Starbucks.
Development and Definition of Our Research Question
Starbucks Coffee Company has assumed that current economic tensions have a huge influence on the desire for spending.   According to Survival and Growth Enterprise LLC, (2008), “Cutting back on spending is related strongly to feelings that prices have increased in the past months, fears of job difficulties ahead, and consumers feeling they cannot afford to sustain their current rate of spending” (Para. 7).   The following question is up for research and evaluation:  
Should Starbucks Coffee Company introduce a variety of lunch and dinner items to its menu?
Determination of an Appropriate Research Design and Its Characteristics
The appropriate research design has to create an atmosphere where a team opens their mind to the research question. The characteristics, such as independent and dependent variables, and operational definitions must be evaluated in the research design. According to Cooper and Schindler (2006), “A researcher that is creative benefits from a range of options. The combinations created by the mind may be tools used to assemble different perspectives to the same problem.”   Two-stage design will be used to design our research study. Collaboration among our research team will be web based.   Therefore, collaboration among the variables will achieve the following list in exploratory studies (Cooper & Schindler, 2006).  
• Establish the major dimensions of the research task
• Define a set of subsidiary investigative questions that can be used as guides to a detailed research design.
• Develop several hypotheses about possible caused of management...
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