Qnt 561

Business Research Project Part 4
Andy Anastassiou, Donald Birely, Jennifer Baney, Sally Armantrout
August 19, 2013
University of Phoenix
Heidi Carty

Business Research Project Part 4
For this business research project Team D collected data to make a decision that will affect the future of J.C. Penney’s conversion rates. The purpose of the research is to determine the root cause of the decrease in their customer count. Team D developed a comprehensive scale survey that asked current and previous customers about their experiences and needs as consumers. The answers to the research questions will help to determine the target market. This project describes and illustrates the collected data by explaining the sampling and research methods, survey rationale, tables and figures, descriptive statistics, research challenges, and avenues for future research.

    Sampling and Research Methods
    The sampling method that was used is the population parameter method using non-probability snowball sampling. This will offer two major advantages when completing the survey; low cost and convenience. The survey will be administered to both the voluntary, customers in the store, and convenience sample, customers who have shopped in the past.
    The survey method that will mostly be used is longitudinal quantitative data collection, which will offer the customers close-ended questions to collect the value for each question and help control the influence on the customer count and identify the root of the problem. This will allow the team to collect data over a period of time and identify trends in the data. Once the data is analyzed this will allow the organization to change the strategy to meet the goal and increase customer loyalty.
Rational for the Survey Items
The survey items address the synopsis of the problems, such as the reduction in sales and losing a customer base at J.C. Penney. Survey items include research,...