T1: Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teacher training cycle

The primary role, responsibilities and boundaries of the teacher are to ensure that the 5 major elements of the training cycle identifying the needs,planning and design, delivery, assessment and evaluation are supported at each stage by the tutor to complete the cycle successfully and to facilitate communication in such a way that all students aims and objectives are significant and relevant to the subject.

We will review the role responsibilities and boundaries of each element separately:

Identifying the Needs – it is our responsibility as a teacher to ensure that the needs and expectations of our students are met, and to give them a secure environment in which to learn, I would look at the student profiles to find out who they are, and what boundaries if any will effect the learning process e.g. special needs, disabilities, age, gender, ethnic origin, what motivates them, what previous educational experience do they have, what are the learners preferred learning style, this can be tested on an initial assessment with a simple test which should establish their auditory, kinaesthetic and visual learning styles. Until you have identified these needs you cannot successfully plan and design your scheme of works.

Planning & Design –   It is my responsibility as the teacher to ensure successful planning & design incorporating all elements of the course as this is essential for an effective learning environment, what (aims) how (objectives), establishing ground rules to set boundaries within which to work, setting icebreakers to put the students at ease and get them to know each other.

Planning the physical environment is equally important, resources and equipment, room layout, health & safety procedures are required to create a suitable learning environment. Good classroom organisation allows the lesson to run smoothly, so that good...