Pttls Task1

Rachel Howie PTTLS 4 27th April 2010
Draft 1
The Equality and Diversity Act is a law. The aim of the law is to eliminate discrimination, reduce
iinequality, protect human rights, and ensure everyone has a fair chance to participate in society.
The issues I would face as a trainer are very wide as in the teaching sector you would come across a large variety of different issues a few would be race, religion, sexuality, disability, familiarity and age.
Disability Discrimination Act 2005
It is law that learners must be given the necessary adaptations to enable them to participate in learning.
I would make sure I had the necessary room layout and aids put in place so teaching disabled is included in my learners environment.
If I did not do this it would be seen as breaking the disability discrimination Act.
Data Protection Act 1998
Regulates the processing of information relating to individuals.
I would address this issue by keeping any information or files on my learner locked in a filing cabinet and been careful as to where I put the files as in not leaving them on desks .
If I did not do this confidential information would be available to anybody and this could result in identity fraud or even embarrass other learners if they have private issues.
Sexual Discrimination Act 1975
Makes it illegal to discriminate a man or woman less favourably on the grounds of their sex or marital status.
I can as a tutor be more aware of my conversation with my learners making sure I don’t always talk to females and not men or if Ihave a learner who is bi-sexual making sure they are treated the same as all my other learners by me and also by other learners.
If Ido not do this it could cause conflict within my classroom this then becomes another issue to deal with.
Health and Safety Act 1974
To provide a safe and healthy environment for anybody entering your work...