Pttls- Assignment 6

Maciej Zygmunt


Assignment 6: “Explain the need for keeping records and describe the types of record you would maintain”.

As a teacher I am obliged to keep necessary records and update them on regular basis. There are all sorts of different types of records depend on what we need them for. First group of records are those of private nature, for example personal detail record, which can be very helpful to look back into student past, to find if there is something I can do as a teacher to improve student progress. Another example is next of kin records, this can very helpful in case where something happened to the student and I have to contact their guardians or parents, also if student do not attend the sessions I can contact somebody and seeking assistance to find out what is happening with the student. There is also a health/medical record, by having this form of record I am able to learn more about student health needs or medication their must take. I have to ensure that in such a case a medication will be administrate by specially qualified person.
Second group of records important for me as a teacher, are those directly connected with teaching. Attendance register is one of them. It helps monitoring student’s attendance as well as their activity during teaching sessions. I can easily identify students who are absent and check if there is a reason for it. I can also use this record to mark student’s education progress. A different register from this category is subject action plan which can be very helpful to track student’s progress as well as allow me to control the course of subject. Tutorial action plan is very helpful when I want set plans or maybe review student progress. I can use it together with subject action plan in situation where student doing very well on one field and not so well on the other. In that case I can take action and encourage student to spend more time on the subject he has problem with. Another very helpful tool is...