Pttl 1.4 Explain the Ways in Which You Would Establish Ground Rules with Your Learners, Which Underpin Appropriate Behaviour and Respect for Others

Assignment 1.4
Explain the ways in which you would establish ground rules with your learners, which underpin appropriate behaviour and respect for others

Even adults can feel anxious and nervous on their first day within an educational environment.   It is therefore essential to put some ground rules in place and explain why they are there.   This can be done within the first session and can involve the learners to establish their own ground rules.   The list can then be drawn up into a class contract or placed as a poster.   If a class contract is drawn up this can then be signed by the learners and kept within their portfolio.   Whilst forming the list each article can be discussed so that the understanding of the subject that is going on the list can be clarified i.e. confidentiality (define the meaning), how to behave appropriately and having respect for others.   This could mean things like no swearing, no interrupting when someone else is speaking, attentive listening, arriving to class on time, letting the tutor know if you are going to be late.   As mobiles are carried around by most of us these days one of the rules could be that you either switch it off or to put it on silent as this will help to minimise the distraction from learning to other students if it rings.   As the class is possibly made up of students from many backgrounds and cultures jargon or colloquial language may not be appropriate or may need to be explained.     It is not only students who abide by these ground rules but tutors also abide by them.   Some of these would be timekeeping, being supportive, making sure the classroom is set up properly and the right equipment is being used for the session.

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