17. Explain legal requirements relevant to assessment including those for confidentiality, health, safety and welfare.

19. Why is it import ant that you reflect on your performance as an assessor? How you intend to maintain your occupational competence in the area that you are assessing?
Working as an H&S trainer makes me responsible for my learners and their experience during the learning process. Working all the time in a professional manner I constantly reflect on my practices, ideas and actions and evaluate their effectiveness in order to make improvements that will benefit my learners. Recently I have changed my practical assessment for Manual Handling as my delegates have informed me that the practical assessment was not relevant to their job. After listening to their ideas and suggestions I have changed the practical assessment so it could be more relevant to their job   thus more beneficial for them from the H&S point of view.   Reflecting on my day-to-day practice enables me to analyse why and how I do things, and to consider whether another approaches might benefit me and my learners.
To maintain my competence in the field I`m learning I undertook professional training and become an IOSH member where I meet with other H&S professionals and keep my self updated with any changes in regulations or practices that could relate to my training. I also attend other venues and read magazines that relate to the subject that I`m teaching to make sure that all my knowledge is up to date.