Pttls Theory 1

Name:             Andrew Alford                                                                                       Date:____14/3/2012 .

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

Recommended word count: 300-500 words.

In my role as a tutor, I would be teaching adults computing and ICT within the Adult Education department of my local council. Having read the relevant section Ann Gravells book and attending the PTTLS course, I am mindful that I will have to adhere to the elements of the Teaching and training cycle in order to provide an effective learning experience for myself and the students on my course. The five stages of the Teaching and training cycle are labelled as Identifying needs, Planning Learning, Enabling Learning, Assessing learning and quality assurance and evaluation. These elements describe a cycle that can start at and point and continue.

To satisfy the Identifying needs stage and to meet the requirements my role and responsibilities, a written assessment is completed upon enrolment onto the course. This has two purposes, one to identify physical needs of the student and also the academic requirement. Within ICT it is important to know the students current levels of proficiency so that the course provides the content that the student requires. From this information I can achieve the ‘planning learning’ stage. This assessment enables me in my responsibilities as a teacher to provide an environment to suit everybody as best as possible. There are however boundaries within my role such as time constraints within teaching time, budgetry constraints, and learner ability.

Upon joining the course, students will be welcomed and shown things like fire exits, toilets and refreshment facilities. Further opportunities would then be given to enable students to make me aware of any requirement changes since the initial written assessment was submitted. Students on...