Pttls Theory 6

PTTLS Theory 6

The teaching profession has a requirement to keep accurate and up to date records of achievement

on all the pupils.   After all if we are not recording the progress of the learners how can we hope to

help them when they most need it.   Of course for some teachers it is a legal requirement of

achievement and that they should be used to provide parents/guardian’s with a summary of

achievement. For others it may be as simple as recording attendance.

The recording of students work or attendance is to allow the teachers to see improvements or a

decline and look at ways to make improvements.   At some times such records may point to extra

work or a refocusing of a student as a simple resolution.   It may also point to factors outside

academia.   But armed with such facts we can make strides forward.

It is important to keep records up to date and that they should be made quickly after the event while

the subject is still held clearly in you’re minds eye.   It is also important that such details are kept

private & confidential and are locked away in a secure location.   With the use of modern day

technology this would be deemed both a must as well as a task that could be completed with ease.

Any third parties that you are required to provide records to should be done with the speed you

would expect in return.

Also we should remember that the types of records you would keep would differ greatly in regard to

the type of student you have, the outcomes you desire as well as the required criteria of the course

provider or scheme sponsor.   But for a basic it should recall attendance, assignments and expected

results.   Also with a view as to what the student requirements for the next step of the educational

ladder might be.

As a teach I believe the keeping of records of our own achievements in regard to our own thoughts,

feelings and improvements would be of great benefits in relation to self improvement,...