Pttls Theory 1 Unchecked

Level 3 Theory Task No 1

Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher in terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle.

The Teacher /Training Cycle are used to format all aspects of teaching. There are 5 main areas to consider. Identifying Needs, Plan & Design, Facilitate, Assessment (student) and Evaluate (tutor).

Identifying needs.
As a teacher of short duration courses and frequent delivery of same it is important at start up to establish all students knowledge of lack or knowledge on the subject to be covered. Generally I have experienced Site Managers, Contracts Managers or experienced Scaffolders looking to progress to a higher level, perhaps supervisory duties. I can obtain the needs by asking for previous courses on subject or at least what experience (history) of dealing with problems associated to the subject.

Plan & design
As a deliverer of prescribed Awarding/Ruling body designed courses, I don’t often get the chance to design or even alter the direction that the course goes in. Occasionally a Client will ask for extra/more in depth on chosen subjects within the course itself. This will involve more tutor led information and questions from tutor to student. Most importantly I have to make sure that whatever way I deliver the course the learning outcome is achieved.

This to me is the make or break part of teaching. Although I have to deliver set courses as per above, I can now add my own individuality to the delivery. I try to keep the course moving along at the correct pace required. I also keep it an interesting learning experience for all with all teaching techniques used where possible by using visual examples, aural examples and kinesthetic examples. Whatever of these is used the course has have clear aims and /or targets that will again help to achieve the overall learning outcome.

A very important part of teaching is to assess the student. This where possible should be ongoing (formative) through question...