Pttls Theory 1

Theory number one
In this assignment I am going to talk about different teachers roles and responsibilities in doing so I am going to go into the teacher training cycle also the different points of the teacher training cycle, I will also talk about different professional boundaries.
As a teacher you should always be aware that everyone learns differently there are three main ways of delivering content to your learners as a responsible teacher you should try to embed all three learning styles into your lessons, so that how ever each student likes to learn they are all going to learn something and not go out with nothing the three learning styles are visual- seeing and reading, auditory- listening and speaking, kinesthetic- touching and doing. (
The teaching training cycle provides a diligent structure within which roles, responsibilities and boundaries can be assessed and reflected upon. The structure of the cycle is such that a teacher will multitask stages in a constantly progressive way. This ensures that the teacher and students grow together in the teaching and learning journey. The teacher training cycle has five points in which you can start at any point depending on what point you start or take over a course the five points are as follows.
Initial assessment; this is when you would first meet your learner and make an initial assessment of them you could class there interview of a course with you as an initial assessment you would get a good idea of what sort of person they are and if they were carrying any emotional baggage that may effect there learning.
Planning; when you have had an initial assessment of the student you would plan how you think they may want to learn, you can also make changes to any lesson plan you already have to try and embed that learner in the learning process as much as possible.
Delivery; this is when you would put your planning to work hopefully you should...