Pttls 4

PTTLS Theory Task 4

Establishing ground rules are an essential start for any tutor. The purpose behind ground rules is to establish a nurturing and respectful environment that will promote learning from day 1.

What are ground rules?

They are the minimum necessary conditions for getting learning work done in the class.
They may include:
    • Arriving on time
    • Respecting health and safety regulations (You may well be in breach of your contract and legally liable for accidents if you do not cover these, including explaining the detail.)
    • Switching off mobile 'phones
    • Not interrupting fellow-students
    • Not moving to do something requested until given an explicit cue (rather than "order"), such as "Go!"
    • Respecting other people's contributions
    • Only having one conversation at a time in the class.

“Ground rules can be established in 3 different ways:
  1. Imposed by the tutor.
  2. Agreed by the learners themselves.
  3. Negotiated by the learners and the tutor. “(PTTLS website)

1.Imposed by the tutor him/herself.

Ground rules that are established by the tutor are not the best way forward as they are not inclusive. My own experience of troubled 16-24 year old learners is that they would switch off immediately if rules were imposed by the tutor. The main reason for this is that they would feel like they were back at school, which is somewhere the majority of my learners do not have happy memories of.

Some tutors write their rules on a flipchart and then hang them in a visible place for the duration of the lesson. This is obviously a personal preference but one which is much more likely to be supported by the learners if they had had an input.

That is not to say that rules imposed by the tutor are wrong, quite the contrary. There will always be scenarios regarding Health & Safety that require imposed rules particularly when taking learners off-site and out of the classroom environment.   It is important...