Ptlls Unit 7


DATE: 28/04/2008

ASSIGNMENT 7: Revue a range of different assessment methods and explain the ones you would use for your subject area. Evaluate the use of assessment methods in different contexts, including reference to initial assessment.

‘a) Examination (derived from examinare = to weigh accurately)
b) Assessment (derived from asseoir = to set, settle) involving collecting, measuring and interoperating information from students’(Cuzon, L. B. 2004 Ch.29).

Without some kind of assessment then you will find it difficult to measure whether learning has taken place or not. The reasons for assessing is to find out if some one is capable of doing a course at a particular level or to see if they are ready to go on to the next level due to the higher level of work required.

‘It is a way of knowing if a student has gain the required skills and knowledge required at a given point towards a course, qualification or training needs’ (Gravells, A. 2007 Ch.6).

There are a number of assessment methods used and used in different contexts. Different types of courses require different types of assessments.

  * Initial/ Diagnostic Assessment; this is usually done at the start, before someone is about to undertake a course or qualification. As you need to know what they know already about the chosen subject to learn. This then gives you an idea of what level you can place them at. Basically an evaluation of the person’s strengths and weaknesses, knowledge and skills.
  * Independent Assessment; This is an objective view by some one who is from outside the organisation (Independent governing body), who comes into the course (usually towards the end) and makes a decision on the students achievement.
  * Formative Assessment; On my sports courses this is one that is used as it is on-going and allows the student to improve will I can monitor and observe them in practical’s on a regular basis. Allowing...