Ptlls Unit 401

Unit 401 Level 4 Theory assignment No1
Kerri Anderson                                                           30/09/13


This assignment is written in the context of a teacher working in the nail and beauty industry. There are usually around 10-15 students, mainly female. Age range is 16+. Classes are usually about 3 hours long and are run once a week over approx 10 weeks.


During this assignment, the author made use of class notes, work that has been done in class, the internet and books found useful were,

1. Understand your own role and responsibilities in lifelong learning


Within the organisation, a key legislation is The Health & Safety at Work Act   1974 (HASAWA) (Reference class work 27th September). This act relates to an employer but its requirements make for good working practices. As well as the employer, the employees have a duty to work following these rules ensuring that themselves, their colleagues and their clients are safe.

The authors responsibility is to:

    • Provide safe equipment and safe systems of work

    • Ensure that all substances are handled safely, stored and transported safely

    • Provide a safe place of work with safe access and exit routes

    • Provide a workplace that is safe with regard to fire, first aid and the recording of accidents

    • Provide all the necessary training and supervision and make sure all staff are fully aware of all the relevant safety issues

    • Supply all necessary personal protective equipment free of charge

A teacher should provide students with all safe equipment such as safety goggles, gloves, finger wraps and should make sure all students are correctly informed, trained and supervised with hazardous products.

Another key legislation for the industry is Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 1999 (COSHH)   (reference to internet, Google books, The Complete Nail Technician) This regulation is relevant to all nail...